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A Driving Force

Effective leadership serves as a driving force behind any highly competitive organization. This program offers participants an overview of those concepts and requisite skills associated with organizational leadership. Leadership theories and their effect on various individual and organizational situations will be examined through the study of leadership personality, leadership styles, effective communication strategies, motivating followers, creating a vision, strategic direction, and culture.

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A six-week online course begins (date to be determined). Cost: $299 plus an additional book fee. Specifics coming soon!


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Professional Profile: Michael Lawler

Organizational Leadership is taught by Michael Lawler of UW-Stout College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management. With more than 30 years of experience, Lawler has managed and delivered numerous educational and training-based programs focusing on the professional development needs of business and industry.

As an instructor and professional trainer, he lectures on subjects including organizational leadership, program evaluation, human resource management, ergonomics, human performance technology, professional education development, and psychology across the United States and abroad.