By purchasing a UW-Stout parking permit you are agreeing to the Parking Permit Use Agreement.
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Parking Permit Use Agreement

Use of a UW-Stout parking permit encompasses agreement to the following terms.

  • Compliance with parking guidelines as documented on the Parking Services web page, or any temporary changes communicated to permit holders through campus e-mail.
  • Display of a permit as prescribed in permit guidelines (typically rear-view mirror-mounted).  Must be able to see the entire face of the permit.
  • Park only in lots/areas valid for your permit.
  • Park in a valid parking space.
    • Within striped stall markings in a paved lot and within end-of-row signage in an unpaved lot.
  • Refrain from parking in lots during the restricted time.
    • Examples:  Commuter lots prohibit overnight parking and Housing lots restrict parking during break periods.
  • Contact Parking Services in advance for any kind of special-needs parking, e.g. after hours, off-campus trips, or problems of any kind.
  • Maintain current personal/vehicle information
    • Updates may be entered directly through the Parking Services online portal or emailed to Parking Services
  • Citations issued for regulation violations are the responsibility of the permit holder unless waived in the appeal process.
  • Permits are non-transferable and must be returned to Parking Services when no longer needed (a prorated refund is available after the return of a permit through March 31).
  • Permit may only be used by the individual(s) registered with the Parking Office.  Use of an unregistered permit that was reported lost/stolen will result in prosecution for theft/misuse under 943.20(1)(a) Wi State Statutes or UWS 18.08(8)

Permit Display

  • Display your permit hanging face-out from the vehicle's rearview mirror. 
  • If you forget your permit, stop by Parking Services before parking to pick up a temporary replacement.

Security of Permit

  • The permit owner is responsible for the security of his/her parking permit. Always lock your vehicle for your personal safety as well as the security of your permit and other valuables.
  • A fee is assessed for replacement of a permit.

Purchase a Permit Online

You will be asked to register any vehicle (make, model, state, license plate) you bring to campus. Have that information available prior to beginning your registration.

  1. Log-on to the Parking Portal using your standard UW-Stout user name and password (the one you use for email, etc)
  2. For students, payment options are either credit card or "Bill Student Account".
    Bill Student Account option will add the permit cost to a student's university billing. Note: if you choose this option after the full tuition payment date has passed, the fee will be due immediately.
  3. For faculty/staff, payment options are either credit card or "Payroll Deduction".
    The Payroll Deduction option (available through September) will add the permit cost as a deduction to an employee's wages. For more information click on "Payroll Deduction" under the Quick Links.

After completing the permit purchase you will receive a confirmation/receipt by email. If you do not receive a confirmation, email Parking Services.


E-mail or call (715) 232-1792 during office hours: 7:45 AM – 4:25 PM, Monday - Friday

Disabled Parking Permit Purchase

  • Individuals who are currently authorized with Parking Services as disabled-eligible may purchase a disabled parking permit. 
  • If you are not registered as disabled-eligible but need accessible parking (long term or short term), you need to obtain a Disability Parking Authorization or you can email Parking for assistance before registering.
  • It is important that we align your permit with your parking time frame (24 hours for housing or day parking for commuters). As you complete your permit registration, ensure you're being offered the correct permit. If not, please suspend registration and email Parking.
  • How to purchase a Disability Permit

Staff Reserved Parking Permit Purchase

  • Reserved permits are only available to those who have been pre-authorized. If you are not currently a reserved permit holder but interested, please email Parking Services to inquire about availability before registering. 
  • Authorized individuals are eligible to register for a reserved area in a specific lot.
  • A reserved parking permit is valid in the reserved section of a single lot.  A reserved permit is not valid in the reserved parking area of other parking lots.
  • Reserved permits also authorize parking in any campus commuter space (C) outside of your home reserved lot.
  • If you no longer wish to renew your reserved permit please do not proceed with this registration and email Parking Services for assistance.
Assignment of Reserved Parking

Reserved parking will be assigned based on the following guidelines:

  • "First come, first served" when there are spaces available.
  • When a reserved section is full, assignment of openings are made from an applicant waiting list in order of seniority date on the applicant list.
  • New applicants are added to the bottom of the waiting list.
  • If a space is offered and declined the person is removed from the waiting list.
  • If an A-permit holder's workplace changes they may be added to the top of a waiting list nearer their new workplace.

Motorcycle/Moped Parking Permit Purchase

  • When you register for both a vehicle and motorcycle/moped permit you must do so in two separate transactions.
  • A discounted permit ($5/year) is available to staff who also purchase a vehicle permit. Therefore, if you're purchasing both permits make sure you register for the vehicle permit first.
Moped Permit & Parking


Your vehicle is a moped if it is licensed as a moped.  If so, "MOPED" will be printed on your Wisconsin license plate (or equivalent designation in another state).

  • Moped users must purchase and display a valid permit from Parking Services.
  • Mopeds must park in the parking areas listed below.  Mopeds are not permitted to park in bicycle storage areas near academic buildings.
  • Mopeds may park in bicycle storage areas directly adjacent to residence halls.
  • Caution:  Mopeds cannot be operated on a pedestrian walkway or campus bike route. Operation of a motor vehicle on a walkway is a violation of both university regulations and state traffic laws.
  • More info ...

Moped Permit Cost

Mopeds must display a campus moped permit.  The permit costs $20/yr and is available from Parking Services

Mopeds - Where to park:

  • A designated motorcycle pad in a parking lot (see locations below)
  • A designated moped only pad/area (see locations below)
  • A bicycle rack ONLY near a residence hall


     Motorcycle pads:

  • Lot 1 (east of Fryklund Hall)
  • Lot 10 (north of Heritage Hall)
  • Lot 18 (east of Jarvis Hall)
  • Lot 29 (south of Applied Arts Building)
  • Lot 4 (west of the Sports & Fitness Center) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 27 (south of the General Services Building) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 30 (north of the University Services Building)
  • Lot 14 (near Bowman Hall / Sorensen Hall)
  • Lot 21 (near Student Health Services) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 32 (north of Red Cedar Hall) - allows overnight parking

    Moped-only pads:
  • South of Bowman Hall
  • Lot 14 (spaces south of Sorensen Hall near Voc Rehab)
  • Near the Swanson Learning Center  - 10th Ave entrance (south side of the concrete bollards - not on the sidewalk)
  • Near Lot 18 (west and south curbs)
  • North of Lot 3 (north campus off 2nd Street West) - allows overnight parking

      Moped Parking Areas Near Residence Halls:

  • In bike areas directly adjacent to residence halls
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on sidewalks to access bike parking areas

Relevant laws:

  • Wisconsin registered mopeds must conform to the equipment specifications identified in 340.01(29m), Wisconsin State Statutes.
  • For those students who own moped licensed in the state of Minnesota the primary law that addresses moped/motorized bicycle usage is Minnesota State Statute 169.223. Mopeds/motorized bicycles are defined in Minnesota State Statute 169.01, Subd. 4a
  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a booklet on scooter safety at this link:
  • Moped riders may not carry passengers
  • Moped riders must wear eye protection at all times
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on a sidewalk at any time.
  • Mopeds must be registered and display license plates