The Stout Game Expo (SGX) invites you to play dozens of free games at their semi-annual gaming event.
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SGX 2018


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It was best SGX ever with more games and gamers than last year! Check out the SGX.19 slideshow.

Games Featured at Spring SGX19!

The Stout Game Expo (SGX) invites you to play dozens of free games at our semi-annual gaming event. The games were created by freshmen, sophomores, juniors and senior students on a variety of platforms.


As her sailor’s hat, the treasured reminder of her seafaring father, is tossed by the breeze just out of reach, Selene must make a journey to reclaim it. As she wanders her house at night, she encounters locked doors with mysterious voids on them in the shape of objects such as a sailboat, an anchor, or a whale. To fill in the voids, Selene combines toys and household objects into shadows matching the form. Each successive puzzle reveals more of the story. Aluna is a meditative game that invokes a feeling of intrigue and cognitive amusement. 


Solace invites players to delve into a story about emotional connections realized over a cup of tea. Set in a Tang Dynasty-inspired tea house, players control an apprentice named Zhishan. As the player learns more about each guest, they serve not just tea, but the healing powers of empathy. Amidst the tea house lurks a mysterious presence, and the more patrons the player serves, the closer they will come to meeting their greatest challenge.


Being a hero has never been more of a breeze!  Take control of the wind and rise to the challenge of collecting and destroying the cursed fractions of a shattered storm to restore the tropical island of Sunshore.  Your presence may be unseen, but your actions don’t go unnoticed.

Coping Device 

Help a young woman solve puzzles to escape the whimsical nightmare of coping_device.  Can Leylo trust her senses as she navigates a panic attack?  Can she trust this familiar yet foreign world her mind has imprisoned her in? 


In Colos, the five guardian spirits of color lost in an ancient war between the Colorless, which has left the world void of all color for thousands of years. You play as the White spirit, the only survivor of this war, who goes on a journey through Colos to find and awaken its fellow spirits and return color and life to the world. 


Explore a vast island paradise filled with exotic flora and fauna in Grove!  Guided by the power of a mysterious shard, Ria is drawn to this isolated oasis where something clearly does not belong and nature is losing control.  Harnessing the shard, use your staff to vault and sled through the Grove exploring for answers as nature's wildness swarms around you.  Will you discover what does not belong and answer the mysteries of the shard in time? 


Far below the city in the ancient cistern, the hopeful heroes have gathered ready to prove their worth to the examiner and join the ranks of the worthy!  Choose your role, test the will of the heroes or navigate the examiner’s gauntlet in the asymmetric, multiplayer world of Unproven!  The _hero_ plays on a PC in a traditional hack & slash, 3D dungeon crawler experience, while the examiner observes on an Android tablet or phone and plays cards from a limited pool spending mana and drawing buffs and monsters to test if new ranks are worthy. Will you build the maze of monsters or fight your way through it?  The choice is yours in Unproven! 

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