CSTEMM Labs & Classrooms

Where theoretical instruction meets interactive learning environments.
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The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management (CSTEMM) provides you with a multitude of applied learning opportunities through our unique classroom to lab curriculum. Our CSTEMM programs begin with theoretical instruction which is then realized through hands-on study in our interactive lab learning environments.

Applied learning is at the core of our polytechnic advantage. We prepare you to be career-ready through the development of critical thinking, complex problem solving, and communication skills.  Our labs put these skills to the test so you are ready to take on a leadership role in your career. 

Interactive 360-degree CSTEMM Lab Tours

Fryklund Hall

In this 360 degree lab tour of Fryklund Hall you'll find laboratories for engineering, materials processing, telecommunications, apparel and electronics. Hands-on instruction includes CADD, foundry-metal casting, joining and fastening welding, metallurgy, and robotics.

Jarvis Hall Science Wing - check back, tour coming soon!

Jarvis Hall Science Wing addition is the newest academic facility on campus and houses cutting-edge laboratories and classrooms for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics classes (including a greenhouse and a clean room) complemented by spacious study areas.

Jarvis Hall Technology Wing - check back, tour coming soon!

Jarvis Hall Technology Wing houses laboratories and classrooms for construction and plastics engineering classes. Walking through Jarvis Hall labs, you'll get a glimpse into the exciting hands-on learning opportunities that await you!