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Three different honors recognize student academic achievement at UW-Stout:

Chancellor's Award

The Chancellor's Award is presented after each semester for an outstanding scholastic achievement to undergraduate students at UW-Stout who complete a minimum of 12 undergraduate GPA-affecting credits with a 3.5 or higher grade point average for the Fall and Spring terms. Students receive a certificate noting the achievement. A special Four Star Recognition award will be given to students who attain a straight "A" average with a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits for the semester.

The Chancellor's Award is maintained and mailed by the Chancellor's Office. For more information, mailing dates, confirmation of award status, and other general information about the award contact the Chancellor's Office at (715) 232-2441.

For information regarding grade point averages or award eligibility, contact Registration and Records at (715) 232-2121.

Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award

The Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award, a bronze medallion three inches in diameter and bearing a relief of the Bowman Hall tower, the name of Stout, and the motto "Learning, Skill, Industry, and Honor", is presented annually to seniors who have contributed in student activities, leadership, and scholastic ability.  A committee composed of faculty, administrators and students make the selection. Only 1 percent of the student body is eligible to receive this award. The Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award is presented to seniors only and on a local basis. To those seniors who receive it, it brings prestige and honor, as it is the highest award any student at UW-Stout can achieve.

Who's Who: Students in American Colleges and Universities

A committee composed of faculty, administrators and students serve as a selection body. A point system is used in making selections. Juniors and seniors who meet the minimum grade point average of 2.7 are given various points depending upon their contributions in such areas as academic and extracurricular activities, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. Each year a select number of juniors and seniors are awarded the national Who's Who Award. Those who have been selected to receive this award are given recognition for their scholastic achievement and potential.